Galvanized Collection

You already treat your clothing with the utmost care. Surely, you’ll want a clothing rack that does the same.

Introducing the Galvanized Collection from William Roberts Vintage. Home builders would commonly use galvanized steel pipes when constructing houses before 1960. These pipes were dipped in a zinc coating that added an extra level of protection against corrosion and rust.

While this practice has since been abandoned in home building, galvanized steel is among one of the most prized and long-lasting industrial piping materials used for home furnishing and vintage projects today. Our galvanized industrial pipe clothing racks are made strong and durable right here in America, so you know they’ll always be ready to handle the most heavy-duty load you can hang on it with minimal wear and tear. In fact, our racks are designed to last forever, so you’ll need to replace your clothes – and furniture – before your Galvanized Collection clothing rack.

The William Roberts Vintage Galvanized Collection includes uniquely designed clothing and garment racks, so you’re sure to find something that will satisfy your style and fashion needs. Plus, most items ship for free the same day they’re ordered, so you’ll get your premium clothing rack faster with less waiting.