Jewelry Rack Collection

Your wardrobe includes so much more than your clothing. The Jewelry Rack Collection from William Roberts Vintage provides a stylish and modern way to store and show off your most precious jewelry and accessories.

The pieces in our Jewelry Rack Collection are made in America with the same heavy-duty and durable black industrial pipes that we use in our clothing rack collections. Plus, we’ve added a rustic cedar wood base that each piece sits on for extra flair and sophistication. Our pieces are designed to last long, so you know you’ll always have a fine-quality vintage jewelry rack for your best pieces.

These vintage racks are conveniently sized so you can easily store or display them on table tops, dressers, bureaus, or even in a showroom display case. Whether you’re looking for a small bedroom rack for your favorite jewelry or need something larger to display the newest creations at your trendy boutique, you’ll find it in the Jewelry Rack Collection.

So, forget a jewelry box that covers or hides your bracelets, watches, or necklaces. The Jewelry Rack Collection offers several pieces designed with that urban industrial flair sure to meet your home or business needs. Because jewelry should be admired, even when it’s not being worn.